VSAM ESM Module Configuration Fields

Attention: This topic applies to a feature that is in Early Adopter Program (EAP) release status. We intend to provide the finalized feature in a future release. Please contact Micro Focus Customer Care if you require further clarification.

The VSAM ESM Module can be configured from the External Security Managers Configuration dialog box on the Define External Security Managers page in ESCWA:

If this is unchecked, then the ESF Manager will not load, initialize, or pass requests to this Security Manager.
Specify the name used to identify the VSAM ESM Module.
Specify vsam_esm as the module.
Connection Path
This is the fully qualified file system path to the VSAM ESM file directory, for example, /usr/root/esm_file_dir.
Note: Ensure the directories and files containing the ESM file directory have the appropriate filesystem permissions. Operating system accounts used to run Enterprise Server components, such as ESCWA and enterprise server instance, that are configured to use the security manager will need at least read access to the files. Accounts used to create and update the files, for example, by running mfsecconv, will require write access.
Authorized ID
Not used by this module.
Not used by this module.
Optional, specify a description of the security manager.
Configuration Information
See VSAM ESM Module Custom Configuration Information for the additional configuration that can be specified.
Cache Limit
Not used by this module.
Cache TTL
Not used by this module.