MQ Writers

Use this page to view information about the dynamically created MQ writers available on the current server.

The MQ-IMS Bridge feature enables you to capture incoming IMS transaction requests sent by an application to a WebSphere MQ queue, process those transactions on an enterprise server instance running an IMS application, and return output to the originating application via a WebSphere MQ output queue. When using an MQ listener with the MQ-IMS Bridge, this procedure requires no modifications to either the originating application or the IMS application.

An MQ writer is an Enterprise Server component that sends messages back to a WebSphere MQ output queue. You do not define MQ writers. Enterprise Server creates them dynamically as needed.

See MQ-IMS Bridge for more information.

The following MQ writer information is displayed:

The name of the MQ writer.
The status of the MQ writer:
  • Connected
  • Starting
  • Stopping
  • Retrying
  • Lost
  • Deleted
  • Initial
  • Stopped
  • None
The type of the MQ writer:
  • Unkn - Unknown
  • Trig - Trigger Monitor
  • C-Br - CICS Bridge
  • I-Br - IMS Bridge
  • Note - Notes Agent
  • Win - Windows
  • WinNT - Windows NT
  • Othr - Other
  • CICS
  • DOS
  • OS400
  • IMS
  • Java
  • NSK
  • OS/2
  • Unix
  • VMS
  • VOS
  • XCF
  • z/OS
Message Count
The number of messages processed.
Queue Name
The name of the MQ queue being written to.

You can view an existing MQ writer configuration by clicking the View icon at the end of the row for the required MQ writer. This will display the writer information.

You can delete an MQ writer by clicking the Delete icon at the end of the row for the required MQ writer.