Exit When a Trace Switch Occurs in an Enterprise Server Region

The BKAUXTRC exit will be called when a trace switch occurs in the enterprise server region.
The current aux trace will be closed and renamed to .bkp and the BKAUXTRC exit is then called to archive the file so that traces are not lost in a busy system. The exit will be passed the full name of the file that has been closed ready to archive on the command line.
Note: You must enable the switch by adding it to the path.



On Entry:

The exit is started with a command line that contains the name of the backup file with its location.

On Exit:


Return codes:

No return codes.


The following sample program shows the COBOL code used with the BKAUXTRC exit:

        01 ws-command-line.
          03 ws-command-line-size pic x(2) comp-x.
          03 ws-command-line-data pic x(256).
        01 ws-reply pic x.
        procedure division.
          accept ws-command-line-data from command-line
          *> do what you need to do to archive the file