MFFTP Using lftp as an FTP Client

MFFTP supports the use of lftp as the ftp client on Linux platforms. Lftp is a command line utility for transferring files using various protocols. The lftp utility is not compliant with the ftp standards and requires changes to the command file that MFFTP generates in order for it to operate correctly. MFFTP can be configured to make the required changes to the command file fed into lftp.


The following control variables need to be configured:

This creates the put and/or the get command on the one line rather than splitting across multiple lines.
This adds an '-o' to the local file or remote file parameter for get and put commands, such as ftp get … remotefile -o localfile or ftp put … localfile -o remotefile.

Because lftp does not recognise the DELETE or RENAME ftp commands you should configure MFFTP to replace these as follows:

Ensures that rm and mrl commands are used as appropriate.
Uses mv command instead of rename.