The Configuration Information field of a server or communications process might contain:

# Enable client connection filtering
[Connection rules]
deny:**                    # deny all clients by default
allow:10/8                 # allow internal network 10
allow:*        # allow -
deny:dmz.mycorp.com:log    # block and log cconnections from DMZ

[Filter options]
parser trace=yes
debug rules=no

Individual listeners might have their own rules to augment or supersede the global rules. For example, in the configuration for the Web listener:

# Restrict access to program deployment to*
[Connection rules]

When the best-ranked listener rule conflicts with a global rule at the same rank, as with the two rules for 10/8 here, the listener rule takes precedence. In this case, the listener's clients in the 10/8 network (any client with an IP address beginning with 10) would not be allowed to connect.