IMS Transaction List

Use this page to view the IMS transactions defined on the current server.

Click * New to specify a new transaction for use on the current server.

Click Edit to edit the IMS transaction.

Click Delete to delete the IMS transaction.

The list displays the following information for a transaction:

The name of the transaction.
PSB Name
The name of the PSB associated with this transaction.
Specifies the message class for this transaction.
Specifies the priority assigned to this transaction (and any messages it creates) when the number of input transactions enqueued and waiting to be processed is less than the value specified in P-Limit Count. The priority must be in the range 0 through 14. The default value is 1.
Process Limit
Specifies how many of this transaction's messages a program can process in a single scheduling. This must be in the range 1 through 9999. The default is 9999. A value of 9999 indicates that no limit is to be imposed.
The description for the transaction.