thread limit

Sets the number of threads in the task thread worker pool.


thread limit=number-of-pool-threads


Default: 10


Typically, there is one (or, sometimes, two) task per conversation that is actively doing work: processing a request, sending or receiving data, and so on. This task is performed by threads in the worker pool.

If all pool threads are busy, any new tasks have to wait either until a pool thread is available or until the maximum task latency is reached for the oldest waiting task, when MFCS adds temporary threads to the pool.

If there are frequent messages in the MFCS log about adding temporary threads to the pool, you can increase the thread limit value in order to make the pool larger at startup. Generally, the pool should be as large as the total number of requests you expect the enterprise server to be processing at once - so this needs to be about one to two times the number of SEPs.