To Shut Down a Server from ESMAC

You can shut down a server from the Monitor and Control (ESMAC) screen. This allows you more control over the shutdown process, and you can specify that the shut down process produces a dump.

To start ESMAC:

  1. Access the Enterprise Server Administration screen for your installation.
  2. In the table of enterprise server instances, check that the server you want has started, and if not, start it.
  3. In the Status column of the enterprise server instance to monitor, click Details.

    The Details screen for the server is displayed.

  4. On the Details screen, select the Server > Control tab, then click ES Monitor & Control.

    The Enterprise Server Monitoring and Control (ESMAC) screen is displayed.

To shut down a server

  1. Click Control.
  2. If you want a dump, check Dump. A system dump is produced at the beginning and at the end of the final stage of system shutdown.
  3. If you want an immediate shutdown, check Immediate. If you force an immediate shutdown, you will see the "The page cannot be displayed" error, as there is no longer a server to connect to.
  4. Click Shutdown.