To Start the Directory Server from the Command Line

  1. If you are running Directory Server on UNIX, log in as root.
  2. Enter:
    mfds /param

    where param can be:

    d Show debug information
    j journal-path Override the journal path
    k Use SSL and specify SSL certificate, keyfile and password
    n network-address Bind to specific adapter.
    Note: You can use the CCITCP2_PORT environment variable to bind to a non-standard port, but this option should be used with caution, as many programs depend on Directory Server using the default port (86).
    o Specify alternate MFDS options file
    r Refuse access to the Enterprise Server Administration interface
    z Override initial repository location
  3. In addition to options for starting Directory Server, the mfds command also provides a number of other options for reporting and exporting information, and stopping the server.
    c Install as a service: show debug console
    e Export MFDS user information to an LDIF file
    i Install as a service: do not show debug console
    l Export MFDS schema as an LDIF file
    m Display current repository path
    s Request controlled shutdown
    u Remove as a service
    v Show version information
    t Convert journal file to text format
    x Export repository data
    g Import repository data
Note: The command to start the Directory Server can be inserted into your startup shell script; then the Directory Server will be started automatically when the machine is started. The mfds command must be inserted after the command to start up TCP/IP, because Directory Server needs TCP/IP to be running. If the command has been added to your startup shell script you would normally need to start the Directory Server only if you had shut it down since you started the machine. The startup script should also set up your environment. For more information see the section Starting Directory Server for the First Time in your Configuration and Administration Guide.