To Export the Repository

  1. Click Export under Actions on the menu on the left-hand side of an Enterprise Server Administration Web page.
  2. Specify the location where you want to save the repository in Export information to this directory. This defaults to $COBDIR/etc/mfds.
  3. Choose the export option that you require and click OK.
    Note: If the target directory contains previously exported information, you will be presented with a confirmation page. This page will show the contents of the target directory. Proceeding with the export will overwrite previously exported details.
  • We recommend that you export the repository only when all the registered servers have a status of "Stopped".
  • When exporting to a file system location, if you specify a directory that does not exist, it will be created if the directory containing it exists, otherwise it will not be created and the export will fail.
  • Export enables you to export either: server definitions only, Security Manager definitions only, or server definitions and all related security configuration information.