To view resources by startup list

  1. Click the dropdown menu in the Resources group.
  2. Select by Start L. A number of buttons are displayed.
  3. Click one of the buttons to display a page that contains a table listing all the resources of that type for the current startup list. The current startup list is the startup list defined in the SIT that was initiated when the enterprise server was started.

    The page displayed is called CICS Startup List list, where list is the name of the startup list initiated by the SIT.

    Each row of the table lists the name of a resource of the type you selected, and gives further information that depends on the type of resource. For example, if the current SIT used the startup list DFH$IVP, and you clicked DCT, the page displayed is called CICS Startup List DFH$IVP, and lists the DCTs available to the startup list.

    Each row also contains a Details button. Click this to display the detailed information page for the resource.