To run a JCL job

Important: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer's Enhanced Security Configuration feature you must disable it before following this procedure. For example:
  1. Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager. If a User Account Control dialog box appears, click Continue..
  3. Under Security Summary, choose Configure IE ESC.
  4. Make sure both Administrators and Users are not selected.
  5. Click OK.
  1. In the dropdown list under Resources on the ESMAC menu, select JES.
  2. Click Control in the Resources part of the ESMAC menu.

    The JCL Control page that appears is for submitting jobs, and for starting additional printers and batch initiators.

  3. In the field by the Submit button, type the path and name of the JCL file you want to run. This file must exist on the machine on which the enterprise server is running.
  4. Click Submit.