To start a batch printer SEP from the command line

  1. Make sure the enterprise server was started from the command line.
  2. At a command prompt, enter:
    start casout -bclasslist -n"printer" -renterprise-server


    start casout -bclasslist -n"printer" -renterprise-server -xprinter-exit

    where classlist specifies the job classes that the SEP is to handle, printer is the name of the printer (as defined in Windows), enterprise-server is the enterprise server to start it in (default ESDEMO), and the optional printer-exit specifies a Printer Exit module. For example:

    start casout -bABC -n"HP LaserJet 4L" -rESDEMO


    start casout -bABC -n"HP LaserJet 4L" -rESDEMO -xSAMPPRNX

    Note that it is advisable to run this command in a separate session.