To view the contents of a job output file

  1. On the job output file details page, find the line with a Display button on the left side.
  2. Update the fields Start and for to indicate which records you want to view. Clear the for field to view all the records in a file. The default is that you view the first 10000 records or the whole file, whichever is the shorter.
  3. In Format: choose the codeset that you want to be used for the display:
    • ASCII The contents are known to be in ASCII format.
    • EBCDIC The contents are known to be in EBCDIC format.
    • Both The contents are unknown, and the display will be rendered correctly for the most part irrespective of the codeset used to create the file.
    • Dump The contents are rendered in "dump" format; that is, hexadecimal on the left and character on the right.
    • StepCC The condition codes for all steps in the job are shown. This format applies only to the JESYSMSG data set.
  4. If you want to see extra details check Details.
  5. Click Display.

    The contents of the output file are displayed. Click Back on your browser toolbar to return to the job output file page.

Note: If you are viewing the spool queues from the Enterprise Server Administration page, and you attempt to view all the records in a large job output file, be aware that your browser will take some time to display all the records, and might run out of memory.