Create MFDS objects LDIF file

Extract MFDS users, groups, and resources from your existing MFDS configuration:

mfds -e "domain-DN" "user-container" "CN=Enterprise Server User Groups,CN=Micro Focus,CN=Program Data" "CN=Enterprise Server Resources,CN=Micro Focus,CN=Program Data" 1 mfds_users.ldf userclass

Set domain-DN, user-container, and userclass as in previous commands. Be careful not to confuse user-container (CN=...) and userclass (microfocus-MFDS-User or user), which is easy to do.

(If you are using AD LDS rather than AD, you can specify "0" instead of "1" before mfds_users.ldf. This will produce a slightly different .ldf file that will tell AD LDS that the passwords for the MFDS users do not expire.)

This command will create mfds_users.ldf.