TCPIPService Entry (tcpipsv_name)

Use this page to view information about the TCPIPService named tcpipsv_name, selected from the TCPIPSv (Active) page. You can also display a dump of the service.

This page mainly provides information about the TCPIPService. To set values for it, use the CICS TCPIPService page.

Click Apply to save changes you have made to the page and refresh the page.

The name of this TCPIPService.
The initial status of the service after installation, either OPEN if CICS is to begin listening for this TCPIPService after installation, or CLOSE if not.
The number of the port on which CICS listens for incoming client requests.
The application level protocol used on the TCP/IP port.
SSL Type
Indicates whether the TCPIPService is to use the secure sockets layer (SSL) for encryption and authentication.
The ID of the CICS transaction to process new requests that this service receives.
The authentication and identification scheme used for inbound TCP/IP connections for the HTTP, IPIC, USER and IIOP protocols.
Not supported for this release.
Max Data Length
Specifies the maximum length of data that may be received by CICS as an HTTP server. This value must be between 3 and 524,288 kilobytes.
The name of a user-replaceable program that this TCPIPService invokes.
The level of SSL encryption required for inbound connections.
A list of cipher suite codes.
Specifies the 116-character IPv4 or IPv6 address or host name on which this TCPIPSERVICE will listen for incoming connections.
IP Address
The IPv4 address on which this TCPIPService will listen for incoming connections.
Socket Close
How long CICS waits before closing the socket.
DNS Group
Not supported for this release.
DNS Status
The current state of Workload Manager/Domain Name System (DNS) registration of this service.
GRP Critical
Not supported for this release.
The SSL client certificate authentication used to authenticate and identify the client.
Attach Security
Not supported for this release.
TSQ Prefix
A code to identify items in the temporary storage queue (TSQ).

Click Table to create and view a table of dump information for this service.