JCL Control

Use this page to submit JCL jobs and start batch initiator and batch printer SEPs for this server.


Click this to provide a reply to an ACCEPT FROM CONSOLE statement. You see this only if the job is halted pending a reply.


Shows the Process ID of the job waiting for the reply.


Shows the job number of the job waiting for the reply and the reason why the reply is required.

Please enter a JCL file name (local to this ES).

Specify the path and name of the file containing the JCL job that you want to run.


Click this to run the JCL job you have specified.


Click this to search for the JCL file on your file system.


Click this if the job uses VSE JCL.


Click this if the job uses JES2 JCL.


Click this if the job uses JES3 JCL.


Click this to start a batch initiator SEP or a batch printer SEP dynamically - it is created and starts at once, and exists only until the enterprise server is stopped. Specify details of the SEP in other fields on this page first.


Specify the classes that you want the batch initiator SEP or a batch printer SEP you are about to start to support.


Choose the type of SEP you want to start from the list.

Exit Module

Specify the name of a printer exit module that you want to be invoked when the batch printer SEP is printing a file. Specify this only if you chose Printer in Type.


Click this if you want to debug the JCL job that will run in this SEP.

Printer Name

Select the printer that you want files output by this batch printer SEP to be sent to. Only printers known to the operating system are shown.


Enter a job number in the entry field then click this to see details of that job.