Use this page to display Client information for this server.


Click this to view a local trace for the associated process. This is available only for MQ listeners.

Process ID

Shows the process ID of the client.


Shows the type of client:

  • 3270
  • 3270 Bridge
  • CCI - A client that uses CCI (Common Communications Interface) to connect to the server
  • CCI HTTP - A client that uses HTTP (Hyper Text Transmission Protocol) - such as SOAP, BINP, CGI
  • Comms Server - Client communications controller process (listener)
  • ECI - External Call Interface
  • FileShare - Traditional Fileshare2 client
  • Generic
  • IBM MQ - IBM Message Queuing listener
  • Other
  • SESSION - A LU6.2-type session that is multiplexed on a link
  • Spool - System spooler client
  • SURROGATE - Surrogate for a client attached to another server
  • SYSTEM - A peer server
  • TN3270 - A Telnet 3270 client
  • UniCli - An IBM universal client
Net Name

Shows the assigned SNA network node name for that client.

User ID

Shows the user ID of the user running the client. This might be a system ID, such as HTTP Soap for system services such as the SOAP listener.

Stops active printers.