CICS PPT - PPT_name (group_name)

Use this page to edit the PPT PPT_name, selected from the CICS Group group_name page.

The bar at the top of the page gives details of the PPT you are editing and the resource group it belongs to.

Group List

Click this to display the CICS Group page group_name.


Click this to save changes you have made to the page and refresh the page. This button is displayed only if you have permission to edit the group in which the PPT resides.


Shows the name for this PPT.


Specify a description of the transaction program (can be up to 60 characters).


Choose a status for the program:

  • Enabled - enables this program to be used in a normal manner.
  • Disabled - prevents the program from being used until specifically enabled using master terminal services.

Choose a type for the resource:

  • Program - this resource is a program.
  • Data Area - this resource is a data table.

Check this if you want to enable this program to reside in the application server's program cache after it has been loaded.


Specify the amount of storage to be allocated to the communications area (COMMAREA) to enable MSS to behave like mainframe CICS. The size is in the range 0 through 32767. The effect of this is that when a program is passed a COMMAREA smaller than the COMMAREA defined in the program, the passed COMMAREA is automatically extended in length to fill the defined space.


Choose the language the program is written in.

Save, Working Storage

Check this to have load requests ignored if the program is already in storage.

Uncheck this to have a fresh copy of the program loaded every time a load request for the program is issued.

Remote SysID

If the program resides in a remote region, specify the 4-character, remote system identifier (as defined in the TCT).

If the program resides in the local region, leave this field blank.

Rmt Trans ID

Specify the transaction ID of the transaction program on the remote system. A System ID must be specified before a transaction ID can be specified.

The remote transaction ID can be up to four alphanumeric characters, the first of which must be a letter. Do not use the letter C as the first character; transaction IDs beginning with C are reserved for use by MSS.

Remote Prog

If the program resides in a remote region, specify the name by which the program is known there. Remote SysID must be specified before a remote program ID can be specified.

If you specify a remote system ID but leave this field blank, the local identifier for this program will be sent to the remote region.

Resource Keys, all

Choose a setting to apply to all the resource keys:

  • On - enables all the resource keys
  • Off - disables all the resource keys
Resource Keys, 1 - 24

Check any of the boxes 1 through 24 to activate that resource key.

Active, Display

Click this to display the currently installed definition of this resource.

Active, Install

Click this to Install (make active) this resource.


Click this to delete this PPT. You see this button only if you have editing permissions for the group to which the PPT belongs.


Click this to create a new PPT using the entries specified on this page.


Click this to create and view a dump of this PPT.