CICS PLT - plt_name (group_name)

Use this page to view and edit the PLT plt_name, selected from the CICS Group group_name page.

The title bar gives details of the PLT you are editing and the resource group it belongs to.

Group List

Click this to display the CICS Group page group_name.


Click this to save changes you have made to the page, and refresh the page. You see this button only if you have permission to edit the PLT.


Shows the name of the PLT.


Specify a description of the PLT (can be up to 60 characters).

01 - nn

Shows a numbered list of programs.

Note that, if you can edit the PLT, there is always a blank field added at the end of the list.

You can add a new program in the blank field, if required. If you do so, you must click Apply. The page is refreshed, and the new program is added to the list.

You can edit a program name by clicking in the name and making your changes. Your changes do not take effect until you click Apply.

You can change the order of the programs in the PLT. Use Down arrow button to move a program down the list. Use Up arrow button to move a program up the list.

Delete an entry in the PLT by clicking Delete button.

Run once/Run in each process

Click Run once to specify that the program should only run once, when the PLT is first initiated. Click Run in each process to specify that the program should run every time the PLT is initiated.


Click this to delete this PLT. You see this button only if you have editing permissions for the group to which the PLT belongs.


Click this to create a new PLT, using the values set on this page as the basis for the new PLT.


Click this to create and view dump information for this PLT.