CICS TST - tst_name (group_name)

Use this page to view and edit the TST pct_name, selected from the CICS Group group_name page.

The title bar gives details of the TST you are editing and the resource group it belongs to.

Group List

Click this to display the CICS Group page group_name.


Click this to save changes you have made to the page and refresh the page. This button is displayed only if you have permission to edit the group in which the TST resides.


Shows the name for the TST.


Specify a description for the TST (can be up to 60 characters).


Check this to enable recovery of the temporary storage queue in the event of an abnormal termination of either MSS or the transaction processing the destination.

Name (Remote Queue)

Specify the name of a temporary storage queue.


Specify the system or region in which the temporary storage queue resides. The name specified must be the same as that given in Name in the SysC or Sys62 definition.

Resource Keys, all

Choose a setting to apply to all the resource keys:

  • On - enables all the resource keys
  • Off - disables all the resource keys
Resource Keys, 1 - 24

Check any of the boxes 1 through 24 to activate that resource key.

Security Keys, all

Choose a setting to apply to all the security keys:

  • On - enables all the security keys
  • Off- disables all the security keys
Security Keys, 1 - 64

Check any of the boxes 1 through 64 to activate that security key.


Click this to delete this TST. You only see this button if you have editing permissions for the group to which the TST belongs.


Click this to create a new TST using the entries specified on this page.


Click this to create and view dump information for this TST.