CICS JCT - jct_name (group_name)

Use this page to view and, if you have the you have the required permissions, edit the JCT jct_name, selected from the CICS Group group_name page.

The title bar gives details of the JCT you are editing and the resource group it belongs to.

Group List

Click this to display the CICS Group group_name page.


Click this to save changes you have made to the page and refresh the page. This button is only displayed if you have permission to edit the group in which the JCT resides.


Shows the name of this JCT.


Specify adescription of the JCT. The description can be up to 60 characters long.


Choose the type of journal:

  • Disk 1 - a journal on disk that has one data set to be reused when full.
  • Disk 2 - a journal on disk that has two data sets to be used alternately. You must specify this to minimize operator involvement during a takeover.
  • Disk 2 Pause - a journal on disk that has two data sets to be used alternately. When the second data set is full, the system is paused to enable the operator to copy the data sets to another location before resuming with the first data set.
  • SMF - mainframe System Management Facility format.
  • Tape 1 - a journal on one tape drive.
  • Tape 2 - a journal on two tape drives.
File Name

Specify the filename of the journal.

File Path

Specify the pathname of the journal file.


Specify the filename extension of the journal file.


Specify the name of the Fileshare server that controls this data set.

Record Max

Specifies the maximum length of a record in the journal file.

Record Min

Specifies the minimum length of a record in the journal file.

Initial State

Choose the initial status of the journal:

  • New - a new journal data set is created at system initialization.
  • Append - data is appended to an existing journal data set.
Resource Keys, all

Choose a setting to apply to all the resource keys:

  • On - enables all the resource keys
  • Off - disables all the resource keys
Resource Keys, 1 - 24

Check any of the boxes 1 through 24 to activate that resource key.


Click this to delete this JCT. You see this button only if you have editing permissions for the group to which the JCT belongs.


Click this to create a new JCT that uses the values in this JCT.


Click this to create and view dump information for this JCT.