CICS TCPIPSERVICE - tcpipservice_name (group_name)

Use this page to view and edit a the TCPIPSERVICE tcpservice_name, selected from the CICS Group group_name page.

Click Apply to save changes you make to the page, and refresh the page.

The name of this TCPIPSERVICE definition. If you click Apply, the message "Update complete" is also displayed when the changes you have made to the definition have been saved and the entry updated. Click Refresh to remove this message.
A description of this definition.
The name of a user-replaceable program that this service invokes.
Port No
The number of the port on which CICS listens for incoming client requests.
Specifies the initial status of the service after installation, either OPEN if CICS is to begin listening for this service after installation, or CLOSE if not.
The application level protocol used on the TCP/IP port.
The ID of the CICS transaction to process new requests that this service receives.
Not supported for this release.
TSQ Prefix
A code to identify items in the temporary storage queue (TSQ).
IP Address
Not supported for this release.
Socket Close
Not supported for this release.
Max Data Length
Not supported for this release.
Not supported for this release.
DNS Connection Balancing:
Not supported for this release.