Delete Server instance

Use this page to delete the selected server.


Deleting a registered server may cause application connection errors and loss of data.


Shows the server type. There are two types of server:

  • MFES

    A Micro Focus enterprise server. This is a special server type that provides a run-time environment for COBOL programs running as services.


    A Micro Focus Common Communication Interface server. This is a server that provides services using the Common Communication Interface (CCI), using the Micro Focus Directory Server as a name server instead of registering with a Micro Focus CCITCP2 process.


Shows the unique name of the server.

Status Log

Shows information about the most recent event that occurred on this server.


Shows the number of services registered with this server.


Shows a text description of the server.

Stop server before deleting it

Check this if you want the server to be stopped before it is deleted.