Configure Monitor Options

Use this page to change configuration settings for the Server Monitor.

Acceptable response time

Specify the interval (in seconds) that the server monitor is to wait for a response after sending a keep-alive request to a server before assuming it is not responding. If you know that the network is normally quiet or busy, you can adjust this time accordingly.

The default value is 5 seconds.


Click this to restore the default settings.


Check Enabled to start the server monitor. Uncheck it to stop the server monitor at the next keep-alive interval timeout.

The default is Enabled.

Keep-alive interval

Specify the interval (in seconds) that the server monitor is to wait between each cycle of server interrogations. Since each cycle of interrogations takes a finite amount of time, depending on how many servers are registered and how responsive they and the network are, the actual time taken between checks is longer than this interval.

The default value is 60 seconds.

Server Monitor

The server monitor checks whether all enterprise servers registered with the Directory Server and not marked "Stopped" or "Disabled" are responding to potential client requests. If they are, their status is marked as "Started", otherwise, if they are currently marked as "Started" and they are not responding, they are marked as "Not Responding".

Having the server monitor on ensures that Current Status for a server is up to date, even if the server itself cannot contact the Directory Server for some reason, for example, a network connection or machine failure.