Target directory

Use this page to save all server information in the Directory Server repository to a backup location.

Specify the name of the directory the server information will be exported to. If the directory does not exist, the export process will attempt to create it.

Export options:

You use these radio buttons to choose which information is included in the export. You can choose to:

  • Export Enterprise Server configuration and Security Manager definitions

    This will export all of the configuration information for your Enterprise Servers. It will also export the pool of Security Manager definitions, and the Security Manager lists for your servers, along with security configuration details. (A Security Manager list indicates which managers are used by a given server.)

  • Export just the current Enterprise Server configuration

    The Security Manager definitions, Security Manager lists and security configuration details will not be included in the export.

  • Export just the Security Manager definitions

    Only the pool of Security Manager definitions will be exported. This will not include the security configuration details or the Security Manager lists.


    Security Manager lists are only exported when you choose the first of these options.

When you import, you can choose whether to include or exclude security details, if these have been exported. Where the import excludes the security details, or where the security details were not included in the export, the imported servers will use the Default ES Security configured on the importing system.

Where the import includes security details, all existing security information - the Security Manager pool, Security Manager lists and other security configuration details - will be removed and replaced with the imported information. One consequence of this is that servers that are not replaced during the import will have their security details set to use the Default ES Security configuration.