Server Instance Properties: MSS IMS General

Use this page to enable Mainframe Subsystem Support (MSS) and configure IMS support for this enterprise server.

To access this page:

  1. From the Enterprise Server Administration home page, at the left of the Enterprise Server instance to configure, click Edit.
  2. On the server instance screen, select the Server > Properties > MSS > IMS > General tabs.
IMS enabled

Indicates whether or not IMS is enabled for this enterprise server.

Codeset bias

Choose the default codeset to use for transactions running on this enterprise server:

  • ASCII - Transactions use ASCII.
  • EBCDIC - Transactions use EBCDIC.
Configuration directory

This path maps to the ES_IMSCFG environment variable, and is reserved for future use.

ACB file directory

Specify the location of the .dat, .idx, and .acb files produced by DBDGENs, IMSGENs and PSBGENs. This field maps to the ES_ACBLIB environment variable.

GEN file directory

Specify the full path to the transaction definition file for this enterprise server. This field maps to the ES_IMSLIB environment variable.