Server Instance Properties: Add XA Resource

Use this page to specify the details of an external resource manager that the server needs to communicate with on behalf of container-managed applications.

To access this page:

  1. From the Enterprise Server Administration Home page, at the left of the enterprise server region to configure, click Edit.
  2. On the server instance screen, select the Server > Properties > XA Resources tabs.
  3. Select the XA resource to display.
Specify an XA resource manager (XAR) ID, used internally to identify a particular XA configuration, and must be unique within the enterprise server region. This ID is used by JES-initiated jobs. See Executing TSO Commands in Batch Mode (IDAEFT01), and Planning and Designing XARs for more information. Mandatory.
Specify the name by which the XAR is known. Mandatory.
Specify the location of the RM switch module executable file ( .so) that contains the entry point that returns the xa_switch_t structure to the enterprise server. We strongly recommend that you include the full path to the executable file. Mandatory.
Open string
Specify the string that is passed to the resource manager on the xa_open() call. It usually contains at least the database name, and often the user ID and password credentials for connecting to the database. The contents of this string are database-specific.

Where the RM switch module supports dynamic registration, and the database vendor requires the name of the module that provides the ax_reg function, you should specify casaxlib.

Close string
The string that is passed to the XAR on the xa_close() call. To find out whether or not you need to supply Close string, see your database vendor's documentation.
Specify an optional text description of the XAR definition.
Check this to enable the XAR. It is checked by default.