Display Sessions

Use this page to view a list of currently logged on Web browser clients and program clients. The sessions may be really active, or they may be dormant but not yet removed because the time period between inactivity and removal has not yet been exceeded.

Session ID

Shows the unique identifier string of the session. The session ID is in the format userid-string where userid is the user ID that was used to authenticate the session and string is a unique internal identifier for a Web browser session. string is not present for a program client.

Last Active

Shows the local date and time that the session last requested a response from the Directory Server, for example, a browser refresh or a client program request.

Permission Level

Shows the permission level of the session user. The possible values are:

Unauthenticated The user is a program client that is performing a query and does not need to be authenticated.
Modify Values stored in the schema can be modified.
Add/Delete Values stored in the schema can be modified and objects can be added and deleted. This is normally the highest permission level a program client would need.
Administrator All of the above, plus objects can be backed up, imported, and the Directory Server can be remotely terminated.
Schema Administrator All of the above, plus users can be added, modified and deleted and the entire repository can be deleted.
Session Type

Shows the type of user session. The possible values are:

UI Web browser client
API Program client