Setting Page Appearance

In addition to modifying the header and footer information in your printed documents, you can use the Page Setup dialog box to format the appearance of the printed page. You can, for example, choose to print with zebra-style shading, for readability, or to add line numbers.

To make changes to the appearance of the printed page:

  1. Open the Page Setup dialog.
  2. By default, Code Editor text is printed in simple black and white format. To change this, expand the Style list and select another option.
    • If you have a color printer and want your printed output to retain the text color settings used in the Code Editor, select Color.
    • To add shading to alternating lines of printed text, select Zebra. A light gray shading is used.
  3. To add line numbers to the printed text, mark the Print line number check box.
  4. To add a frame around the printed text, select a style from the Frame list box.
    • The Inner option, available in all circumstances, places a frame around the text of the file.
    • The Outer and Both options are available when you have elected to print line numbers. Outer places a frame around all body text, including line numbers. Both places one frame around the file text and one frame around the line numbers.
  5. To change the default document margins, enter the measurements you want in the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom boxes.
  6. When you are finished making changes, click OK.

    To see what the output file will look like with your changes, select File > Print Preview.