Factors that Affect Performance

When you expand a program in the Structure view of the AcuBench workspace, the program is loaded into memory. Programs are also loaded into memory at generation time (if they are not already resident in memory). This means that when you generate a workspace, every program in the workspace that has a .psf is loaded into memory. Once loaded, programs remain in memory until you exit AcuBench. This is done to speed up code generation and other automation features of the IDE.

Some of the automation features include the following:

When a program is loaded, AcuBench searches the program's screens and reports for properties that should be defined in Working-Storage. If AcuBench cannot find those definitions in any COPY file or FD, those properties are automatically added to Working-Storage. This feature:

The feature is also CPU-intensive and memory-intensive. As a result, the feature can be disabled using the Force variable check on load option in the Tools > Options interface. For more information, see General Environment Options. However, we recommend creating smaller projects and taking advantage of AcuBench's automation tools.