The Data Set's Property Window

The Data Set's Property window is used to define the essential values for the data set. This Property window has the following options:

Option Description
The drop-down list Select a data set name from the drop-down list at the top of the window to set that data set’s values.
Alphabetic tab
  • This tab lists the data set's properties in alphabetical order.
  • (Name) Enter or modify the name for the data set in this field.
  • Key Select a key for the data layout from the drop-down list.
  • Referenced Data Set Click in the Value field and then on the ellipsis button to open the Set Reference-Field dialog (described in step 5 of Creating a Data Set).
Categorized tab This tab presents the same options as the Alphabetic tab, but they are grouped into categories.
Event tab This tab is the access path to the Event Editor.
  • Item list - The list of BEFORE and AFTER procedures that are typical for a data set
  • Value - The name of the actual BEFORE or AFTER procedure for this item. To launch the Event Editor, select a procedure from the list, click in the Value field, and click the ellipsis button that appears.