The Working-Storage Editor

The Working-Storage Editor is an interactive, graphical editor for defining and maintaining data items that are local to the program and not components of a data file (that is, Working-Storage items). Use the Working-Storage Editor to add, remove, or modify Working-Storage items. Items defined in this editor are generated into the program's .wrk COPY file (program.wrk), as are Working-Storage items needed by screen controls and other screen elements. Note that the entire contents of the program's Working-Storage COPY file are recreated by AcuBench every time the program is generated. You should never modify the .wrk file directly.

When you add screens, reports, screen controls, and report controls in the Screen Designer and Report Composer interfaces, and when you add a data set to a program, AcuBench generates supporting data items and structures, as needed, into the Working-Storage Section. These items may include handles, value variables, file status variables, and so on.

Each Working-Storage item that AcuBench generates is added to the graphical editor. This means that you can modify or delete the generated variables items. Be aware, however, that changing an AcuBench-generated data item in the Working Storage Editor does not automatically update the corresponding Screen Designer or Report Composer property, so you should exercise caution when making such changes.