Copying DLT Files Between Projects

Once you have created a data layout file in one project, you can quickly and easily add that DLT to any other AcuBench project, whether or not the other project resides in the same workspace as the original project. It is important, however, to understand the distinction between sharing a DLT between projects and copying a DLT into multiple projects.

When you add a data layout file to a project, you generate new FD and SL files from that DLT. These are generated into the FD folder for the current project, so that if your projects reside in different directories, each has its own set of FD and SL COPY files. The original DLT file, however, is not moved from its original location. This means that if you create a DLT in one project, then add it from another project without making a copy of the original DLT, both projects point to the same file on disk. In this case, if you make a change to the DLT in either project, that change is reflected in both projects.

To open a data layout file defined in a different project:

  1. In the Data view, right-click the project node and select Add FD/SL from the pop-up menu.
  2. In the Add Data Layout to Project window, navigate to the location of the existing DLT. Select the file and click Open.
  3. Expand the project node (if necessary) and right-click the DLT name to generate new FD and SL COPY files for the project. This makes the information in your data layout available to programs in your project.