Creating a Workspace

Workspaces are created indirectly. To create a workspace you must create a project. The following conditions determine when a new workspace is created:

  1. When you create a new project, if no workspace is open, AcuBench automatically creates a new workspace, giving it the same name as the new project.
  2. If when you create a new project, a workspace is already open, you have the option of adding the new project to the current workspace or creating the project in a new workspace.

When a new workspace is created, it is automatically assigned the same name as the project that creates it. To avoid confusion, you may want to rename the project from which the workspace takes its name by right-clicking the project icon in any view of the Workspace window and selecting Properties. In the Project Properties interface, use the Project name entry-field to specify a new name for the project, then click OK.

To create a new project, see the section Creating a Project.