The Report Check Box

The report check box is similar to the ACUCOBOL-GT standard check box control. It is used to display items that are either selected or unselected, true or false. If the variable associated with the control has a value of 1, the box is marked (contains a check mark). If the associated variable value is 0, the box appears unmarked (no check mark).

The report check box Property window contains the following special properties in addition to the properties described in Common Report Control Properties.


This property must be set to 0 or 1. A value of 0 (the default) indicates that the report check box is not selected in the report. A value of 1 indicates that the check box is selected.

The report check box is a stylistic display device. You need to code for the conditions that cause a particular check box to be selected. A logical place to perform this check is in a Before-Print paragraph for a report check box. For example, to manipulate a Sales Quota check box, the following code can be used in the Before-Print paragraph:

ADD heavy-equipment-sales TO supplies-sales 
    GIVING total-salesperson-sales.
IF  total-salesperson-sales > sales-quota
    MOVE 1 to pr-quota
    MOVE 0 TO pr-quota

When you display a report check box in Internet Explorer, the check box can be toggled by clicking it. For an example of this report control, refer to sample Report 1d in the sample reports area.

Value Variable

The Value cell for this property has an ellipsis push button that opens the Select Variable interface. If a variable is selected in this dialog box, subtle modifications to the generated code occur, such that it references the Value Variable instead of the Value value directly. This property has no default value.