AcuBench provides an interface for specifying compiler, runtime, library, and environment settings at the project level. You can create multiple sets of settings and switch between them quickly and easily to change how programs in your projects are built and executed.

You specify these settings in the Project Settings interface, which can be accessed in any of the following ways. First click a project icon in any Workspace window view, then:

The Project Settings interface opens with the Compiler tab selected and the three other tabs (Runtime, Environment, and Library) in the background. All projects residing in the current workspace are listed in a tree view on the left side of the screen, and a field above the tabs indicates which project is currently selected. It is important to note which project you are working in, because settings created for one project in a workspace are not automatically transferred to other projects in the same workspace. All programs in a project, however, use the settings established at the project level unless you specifically define special settings for an individual program.

The Project Settings interface looks like this: