User-defined Variables

In addition to the standard set of ACUCOBOL-GT configuration variables, the CFE allows you to add your own variables. If you are using multiple file systems, for example, to access data, you may need to add filename_HOST entries for various data files that your programs access. You might also want to define your own variables to help set user access privileges or otherwise adapt the behavior of your programs in different environments.

To add a new configuration variable to the CFE:

  1. In the Configuration file entries tree view, right-click the User Defined category and click New from the menu.
  2. Enter the variable name.
  3. Click in the Value column, then enter a value for your variable.

    If you have accidentally entered the name of a variable that has already been defined in this file, the existing variable value will appear in the Value list.

  4. To add a comment to the variable definition in the configuration file, click in the Comment box and add text.
  5. To delete a user-defined variable from both the configuration file and the Configuration file entries tree, right-click the variable name and click Delete.
  6. When you finish editing the file, click OK to save the entry and close the CFE.

    Once user-defined variables have been added, they are stored in the User Defined category in the Configuration file entries tree view. You can locate and edit them as you would pre-defined variables.