When you double-click a source file or COPY file in the Workspace window's File view, or when you create a new file, the file opens in the AcuBench Code Editor. You can then scroll through the file, type in changes, and use the standard Windows editing functions, search, select all, copy and paste, and so on, to manipulate the text.

In addition to these basic functions, the Code Editor offers a wealth of tools to help streamline code development and maintenance processes. Color-coded text and columns, line markers, and custom tab settings provide visual cues to reduce typing errors. Pop-up lists of program elements, such as variables and paragraph names, help with recall. Editor commands make it possible to select a vertical column of text, change the indentation of multiple lines of selected code, or instantly comment or uncomment an entire block of code. And that's only the beginning.

This chapter begins with a general discussion of working with files in AcuBench, then focuses on the specifics of working with source code in the Code Editor.