Working with COPY Files

AcuBench also maintains a list of the COPY files currently declared in your program. You can view the COPY File List box via the Edit > Advanced > List COPY Files command.

The COPY File List functions much like the Paragraph, Variable, and Constants Lists. In addition to the name of each COPY file, the list box contains columns showing each COPY file's directory and the name of the file in which it is declared. You can control which columns are visible and how the COPY files are sorted via the Tools > Options > Code Editor > COPY File List interface, which is described in Paragraph List Variable, List Constant List, and COPY File List Options. You can also determine the sort order by clicking the column headings in the list box.

To insert a COPY file name into your code, position the cursor in your code where you want the COPY file name to appear. In the COPY File List box, select a name, right-click in the list box, and choose Paste. Note that you can change the cursor’s position in the code and paste a COPY file name multiple times.

If you are using the COPY File List and want to open a COPY file, just double-click the file name. You can also easily open a COPY file without opening the COPY File List. Just select the COPY statement in your code and do either of the following:

The Copy to Clipboard, Go to Definition, and Refresh commands described at the end of the previous section are also available when you are working in the COPY File List.