Printing the Report

Before compiling and executing the program to create the report, you need to decide which forms of print output you intend to use. In the generated .rpt COPY file, AcuBench creates paragraphs that you can call to start the report process. These include:

Note: Both the PREVIEW and the DO-PRINT paragraphs require a DLL ( AcuBenchPrint.dll) that is automatically added to your AcuBench project when you create a report. If you are deploying in a thin client environment and using either of these routines to create and either preview or print the report, this DLL must be copied to the display host (client). For more information, see Deploying in a Thin Client Environment.

To create your report, then, you need one line of code:



    PERFORM Acu-report-Preview.


    PERFORM Acu-report-DO-PRINT.

Where you add this code depends on how you are invoking the report. If your program does nothing but create the report, add the PERFORM statement after the PERFORM Acu-Initial-Routine statement in the .cbl source file. If the report is created in response to a push button click or menu selection, add the PERFORM statement to the appropriate exception or link-to paragraph.