Drawing Controls with the Component Toolbox

The Screen Designer lets you draw standard and ActiveX controls directly on a graphical or character-based screen form as follows:

  1. With a screen form open in the Screen Designer, click a control icon in the Screen Component Toolbox.

    The icon is highlighted to indicate that it has been selected. You can change the selected control type by clicking another icon in the toolbox.

  2. Move the pointer to the screen form. The pointer changes from an arrow to a crosshair.
  3. Position your pointer on the screen form, then hold down the left mouse button and drag the outline that appears to size your control.

    If you release the mouse button before you have finished sizing your control, click and drag any of the small, dark blue squares that appears in the frame surrounding the control. When a control is selected, you can also use the Shift+Arrow keyboard shortcut to resize it one pixel at a time, or Ctrl+Shift+Arrow to resize it one cell at a time. (The default screen cell size is 10 pixels by 10 pixels.)