Creating a Logo Screen

You have the option to define a logo screen—often called a splash screen—for each AcuBench program that you create. A logo screen is displayed briefly before the program's main screen is displayed. As its name implies, a logo screen is often used to display a company or application logo.

When you design a logo screen in the Screen Designer, AcuBench can generate the code to automatically display the screen for a specified period of time before showing the main screen.

  1. Right-click the program node in the Structure view and select Properties.
  2. On the General tab of the Program Properties window, under On program startup, set logo screen to, select a screen from the combo-box.


  3. Use the Display Time entry field to specify how long the logo screen will be displayed before the main application window appears. You can specify a value between 1 and 300, indicating a display time between 1 and 300 seconds.
  4. Click OK.