Entering the Event Editor

When you are working in the Screen Designer, the most straightforward way to use the Event Editor is often through the Event tab of the Property window. The Event tab lists all of the event, exception, and embedded procedures associated with the selected screen element type, as well as any AcuBench code insertions points defined for the screen element. These procedures and insertion points are discussed in the next section.

To enter the Event Editor from the Event tab of the Property window:

  1. Select a screen element in the Screen Designer.
  2. Expand the Event Procedure or Exception Procedure tree, if necessary, and select a procedure type.
  3. Click in the Value column next to the procedure type, then click the browse (...) button.

    An Add Paragraph dialog opens in the foreground, while the Event Editor opens in the background.

  4. Enter a name for the paragraph you plan to create, then click OK. To enter the Event Editor without creating a paragraph, click Cancel.
  5. The fields at the top of the screen show the selected control, procedure type, and paragraph name. You can now begin entering code.

You can also enter the Event Editor at any time by double-clicking the Event Paragraph node for any program in the Structure view. If you open the Event Editor using this method, the fields at the top of the screen remain blank.

In some cases, you can enter the Event Editor by double-clicking a control on a screen form in the Screen Designer. In these cases, the Add Paragraph dialog appears, indicating the default paragraph type associated with the selected control. Edit the paragraph name as desired and click OK to enter the Event Editor. (If you click Cancel, no paragraph is created, but you still enter the Event Editor.)