Sample Programs

This help section contains sample client and server programs: prog1.cbl, prog2.cbl, and asynch.cbl. By default, these files were placed in your acuconnect/sample directory during installation on the server. These programs are included in the sample directory on your AcuConnect installation media.

prog1.cbl is a client program that performs a synchronous CALL. Notice the CALL statement in the Procedure Division section of this program. This CALL invokes prog2 on the server and displays the result on the client workstation. Remember that the client configuration file (client.cfg, for example) defines the location of the server. In this case, it also defines the CODE_SUFFIX, .acu.

asynch.cbl is a client program that performs an asynchronous CALL. Notice that in the Procedure Division section of this program, a CALL is made to the C$ASYNCRUN library routine using prog2 and some parameters. This tells AcuConnect to allow processing on the client to continue. Notice also that this program later calls the C$ASYNCPOLL routine to check the status of prog2.

Both prog1.cbl and asynch.cbl start prog2 on the server using the same client.cfg file.

After you have prepared your server and client, you can try running prog1.acu and/or asynch.acu on the client to test your AcuConnect connection. See Running the Sample Programs for instructions.

Note: The sample file prog1.acu was compiled with ccbl32 -o @.acu prog1.cbl. prog2.acu was compiled with ccbl32 -o @.acu prog2.cbl.