Access Tab

The Access tab allows you to maintain the AcuAccess file through the access file manager. To use the access file manager from the control panel, you must be logged onto a Windows server from the administrator account or from an account that belongs to the administrators group. See The Server Access File for detailed information about the AcuAccess file.

You can use the Access tab to:

The following table describes the contents of each of the fields on this tab.

Field Description
Client Machine Name    The official host name by which the client machine is identified on the TCP/IP network. For distributed processing on Windows, this name is found in the Host field under Control Panel > TCP/IP Properties > DNS Configuration. An asterisk (*) in this field means "match all client machines."
Client Username The user's login name on the client system. An empty field means "match all client users."
Local Username The local user name that AcuConnect will use when fulfilling requests for the client user. An entry of "same as client" means "use the client username."

When the string "same as client" is specified, certain conditions apply:

  • If Client Username is not a valid name on the server, DEFAULT_USER is used.
  • If the Local Username field is blank, DEFAULT_USER is used.
If DEFAULT_USER is used to connect to AcuConnect on an NTFS partition under Windows NT, 2000, 2003, or 2008, be sure that DEFAULT_USER has both READ (RX) permissions on wrun32.exe and the appropriate permissions to access any file.
Umask A three-digit file creation mask.

For an example of common access records, see the topic Access Record Composition.