Event Logging

AcuConnect can write to the Windows event notification system or the UNIX system log when information or error messages need to be reported to the System Administrator. Such information might be generated when an unexpected termination occurs or a broken file is detected. If your operating system supports it, the UNIX version of AcuConnect writes to the syslog facility. If your operating system does not support syslog, it writes this information to the console.

The Windows version can write to the event log of other machines in the network. Set the WINNT_EVENTLOG_DOMAIN configuration variable to the UNC name of the computer to which all event log messages should be sent. This variable must be set in the configuration file and is not changeable. Note that if this variable is not set, system logging information is sent to the local machine on which the server is executing.

You should be aware that some Windows administration expertise may be required to implement this feature on a complex Windows network. For example, you can start AcuConnect on one server and send event log information to a different server. If you are Administrator on one machine but not on the other machine, however, the log file is not created and no error message informs you of that fact.