With AcuConnect's Thin Client Technology

Applications for use in a thin client environment require some preparation as well, even if you already have an ACUCOBOL-GT® program. Remember that with our thin client technology, only the user interface portion of your application resides on a Windows client or display host. Thin client supports all ACUCOBOL-GT control types and classical ACCEPT and DISPLAY. It also allows the use of ActiveX controls, provided the controls are installed on the client machine.

If your ACUCOBOL-GT program is already graphical, full benefits are immediately available in thin client. If your ACUCOBOL-GT program is character-based, you can run it as is and convert to graphical over time using AcuBench®, ACUCOBOL-GT, or the Character-to-GUI Wizard.

If you plan to redeploy Windows applications in a thin client environment, you should be aware that your application will be running on a back-end server rather than the desktop. The client machine provides screen and printing services. Other operating system services are provided by the server. If your program operates on the Windows registry, and the server is not a Windows machine, the registry does not exist. Calls to those library routines return a "not supported" status. See Thin Client Application Design for information about thin client application design issues.