Terminating the Remote Application

By default, AcuConnect leaves the server runtime in memory with an open connection until the client application exits. This allows you to CALL the application as often as necessary without having to restart the server runtime.

If you want to close the connection after a CALL is completed, you must embed a CANCEL or CANCEL ALL in your client program and set the ACUCONNECT_CLOSE_AFTER_CANCEL configuration variable in the client.cfg file. Set to "0", this variable leaves the remote application open until the client application exits. Set to "1", this variable closes the remote application whenever a CANCEL occurs in the program. Note that you cannot set ACUCONNECT_CLOSE_AFTER_CANCEL from within a program. See ACUCONNECT_CLOSE_AFTER_CANCEL for more information on ACUCONNECT_CLOSE_AFTER_CANCEL.

Note: If you make asynchronous CALLs using the C$ASYNCRUN routine, you do not need to embed a CANCEL in your client program. The routine used to check application status, C$ASYNCPOLL, closes the remote application automatically when it receives a "completed" status indicator. See To CALL the C$ASYNCRUN library routine for more infiormation.