Using the Access File Manager

Create and maintain the server access file with the access file manager utility. To start this utility, use the acurcl -access command or the Access tab in the AcuConnect graphical control panel in Windows. To use the access file manager, you must be logged on to a UNIX server as root or superuser or on to a Windows server from the administrator account or from an account that belongs to the administrators group.

Note: To use the access file utility on Windows 2008 where User Access Control (UAC) security is turned on (as it is by default), any user must choose Run as Administrator in order to use the various AcuServer utilities. UAC can be turned off, in which case the user must merely be a member of the administrators group in order to fully operate the utility.

The access file manager is an interactive, menu-driven utility that allows you to do the following:

When the access file manager displays a value inside a pair of square brackets ([ ]), that value is the default value for the field. To accept the default value, press Enter. In the following example, /etc/AcuAccess is the default value.

Enter the name of the Server Access File
Filename [/etc/AcuAccess]: